Get to Know the M-Files Ment Integration

1 minute 3rd June 2024

Did you know we have a handy tool to automate document creation? Meet M-Files Ment.

M-Files Ment is a document automation platform available as an M-Files integration. It can help you free some valuable work time and it’s easy to use.

First, M-Files Ment can be configured to be accessed from M-Files Desktop.

To create documents in M-Files Ment, all you need to do is first choose your template:

We’ll choose the Power of Attorney template. This is what the Ment interface looks like:

Quite simple, huh? Then we just fill in the questionnaire found on the side of the page.

Then you just click Save to M-Files and the document will be available in your vault.

If you want to know more about M-Files Ment, check out the Product News blog on M-Files Ment!

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