What is M-Files Aino?

2 minutes 5th March 2024

What is M-Files Aino?

M-Files Aino is a new AI assistant. Aino enables you to become more efficient by giving you even easier access to the information you need.

M-Files Aino can summarize text documents and give responses about textual document contents.

Aino can’t process images, audio, or video. Scanned documents must be converted to a searchable PDF with optical character recognition (OCR) before M-Files Aino can process them. M-Files Aino uses only the information found in the selected document, no external knowledge or internet resources are used.

Click the M-Files Aino tab to open or close the interaction with M-Files Aino.

You can drag the left border of the window to resize the discussion area.

To summarize a document, select the document in the listing area and click Summarize this document in the Aino tab. Click Add details or Condense to view more or less information in the summary. You can also ask questions about the contents of the document.

You can ask M-Files Aino to:

  • Summarize a document, regardless of the language,
  • Translate the summary to another language,
  • Find answers from a document, regardless of the language, and
  • Save the summaries and answers as metadata.

If you want to know more about M-Files Aino, take a look at our user guide!

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