How To Create Document Collections

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    There are many ways to group information in M-Files, and document collections are a great way of keeping your documents in order. Document collections consist of individual documents, also known as collection members, each with its own set of metadata.

    The collection itself has a collective set of metadata, individual of its members.

    These member documents can be accessed through the collection or as individual documents.

    Creating a document collection

    Document collections can be created via the Create menu.

    Another way to create document collections is to select the documents you want to group, right-click them, and select Create > Document collection… from the menu.

    Adding members to the collection

    To add members to your collection, you can either drag and drop them, or right-click the collection and select Collection Members from the menu.

    You can select if you want the collection to point to the latest version of the object or a specific version.

    If you select the Latest version option, the member is automatically updated when the document is modified.

    If you select the Specific version option, the collection will always point to the particular version you add. Even if someone makes changes to the member, the collection would always point to the specific version.

    Removing collection members

    When removing members from the collection, the collection needs to be checked out.

    Permissions in document collections

    The permissions of the document collection do not affect the visibility of the documents it gathers together.

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