How to Use the Pinned Tab

2 minutes Last update 3 months ago

    The Pinned tab is one of the five main tabs in the M-Files user interface.

    Pinning items to your Pinned tab is a great way to save and organize objects that you need to access frequently.

    Pinning is not just limited to documents, you can also pin other types of objects and even views.

    This lesson explains how you can pin objects, unpin them, and sort your Pinned tab in a way that makes sense to you.

    Pinning Objects

    To pin something, simply right-click the object and select Pin.

    You can also use the pin function on the metadata card as demonstrated in the video below.

    You can access your pinned objects in the Pinned tab.

    Unpinning Objects

    To unpin an item, all you need to do is to click the three dots next to the item in the Pinned tab and select Unpin.

    Grouping Pinned Items

    You can create groupings as you please on your Pinned tab for easy organization and classification.

    To create a new group, click the + icon, and name the group according to your needs.

    The pinned items can then be dragged and dropped into the correct groups.

    Showing Objects in the Listing Area

    If you want to view the pinned objects in the M-Files listing area, you can click the three dots next to the object on the Pinned tab.

    This menu also includes functions such as opening the object’s metadata card and renaming it.

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